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We have provided farm fresh Christmas trees in a fun, family oriented, atmosphere since 1978. Come pick out your Christmas tree this year, while enjoying a complimentary cup of apple cider, and a hay rack ride to the field! We have two varieties of Christmas trees. The first type we have are Scotch Pines. These trees have shorter needles, which is perfect for decorating with smaller ornaments. The second type we have are Austrian Pines. These trees have longer needles and a thicker branch size, so they are hefty enough for the larger ornaments. 


This year we have an excellent selection of trees in both varieties, ranging from 5 foot to 15 foot.  We have many wreaths on display in our barn that you can purchase. Not only that, we have the ability to custom make any wreath you want for the holiday season. Our prices for Christmas trees are $10.00 a foot with a 5 foot minimum. This means that you can choose a tree under 5 foot but we will have to charge the price of a 5 foot tree ($50). 


We also have a variety of landscape trees available for you to hand pick for planting in your yard. For more information on our landscape trees, please call Willy Goevert, at (316) 684-0464. 


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